We could all use a little more sunshine in our lives; especially these days when we’ve been stuck indoors for way too long. People are ready to bust out and look for options that are different than ever before. With more people able to work remotely now, the location of the main home is not so crucial. My family has spent a few months away from NY during this Covid 19 crisis and it has really made a difference on our mental health. If you’re working remotely, then why not be in Florida or another sunshine state where the lifestyle is more laid back, the climate is amazing, and the cost of living is much better than in NYC?
It is my goal to explore my options as I am working more remotely, and as I am getting closer to the retirement age. I’m a little jelly of my friends in Florida who rub it in (as most NYers would-we can’t help it) that they didn’t lift a shovel or need to wear a winter coat at all this year. To be honest, I’m not convinced that I could put up with the nice weather all year long, but I am open to exploring the option. I think I will end up a snowbird and head down to Florida for a few months of the year and then back to NYC for the rest. You see, I’m going on the same journey that you may be going on. I speak to so many of my friends, and I realize that I’m not the only one thinking of exploring other areas at this time in my life.

I’m going to walk you through my experiences and help make the connections to make the path much easier. There is no real solution out there right now that helps us to decide or narrow down what we’re going to do. It is my goal through Sunshine Johnny to break it all down into statistical nuggets along with actual dialogue and discussions from our friends who have already made the move, or have already invested in vacation or rental properties in our sunshine states.

Stay tuned, and if you want to join us on this journey, please let us know. We’re looking to build a great community of agents, friends and businesses that we can rely on for great, honest, open information. We’re NY’ers…We’ll tell it like it is!
No bullshit – No exaggeration – No kidding! It’s a serious decision to relocate your family and if you don’t figure it out correctly, it can be a costly and not as wonderful as you were hoping it to be.

Welcome to the journey!
Sunshine Johnny Reinhardt!

We’re looking to grow the community with agents that came from the area and have relocated!
Our first focus will be on Florida!
If you are an agent in Florida, please let us know and we can discuss being part of our relocation referral team!
If you have already moved to Florida and would like to share your opinion, voice or would like to be an area ambassador let us know as this would be so valuable and helpful to our friends thinking of moving.

If you have any ideas as to how this site can provide more value to our friends and neighbors, let me know. We are a work in progress and look forward to becoming THE VOICE of SUNSHINE!


Welcome to Sunshine Johnny