If you’re an agent in Florida and came from NY, we’re looking for you to join our network. You would be one of the first group of agents to join the movement to help NY’ers learn about the different areas in Florida.

You must be an expert in an area and be able to advise potential buyers about the benefits and challenges of the communities in your market area. Agents will be asked to join us on our monthly zoom meetings to answer questions about the area for any of the attendees.

Our NY Connection team will be referring listing leads to our NY Team and our NY Team will be sending leads to our Florida agents.

Agents will be able to create monthly market reports and be featured in an area profile for your area. When potential buyers visit the area, we will ask the agents to provide an extensive tour of the areas including all the beautiful amenities.

Agents who would like to be on the team must be held to the highest standards of service! Our Sunshine Johnny buyers deserve the red carpet treatment.

John Reinhardt

Let’s travel this journey together. We’ll share important information about areas and also we’ll go into places to shop and eat in Florida. We’ll tell you what we think about things as seen through the eyes of a NY’er or relocated New Yorker.