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A Sunshine Member is someone who is interested in discussing what’s happening in Florida.  They can be:
A Current Florida Resident 
Someone who spends time in Florida and knows how to get around. 
A Previous New Yorker
Someone who lived in the NY area and can understand where they are coming from.  Your insight will be valued and appreciated. 
Someone Curious About Moving or Spending More Time
in Florida or other Sunshine States.  
Friends Who are Interested in The Conversation and Discussions from both sides including NYers for life and Those Open to change.
A MEMBER must be willing to share openly and honestly about their communities and how its different from NY.
Things You Love about Florida
Things You Miss about NY

You’ll be notified when we are hosting special Zoom Webinars featuring various experts and friends from around Florida. Different areas/regions featured regularly.
Wanna know where the best Pizza is?  We’ll tell you.
Wanna know if there are good bagels in town? We’ll share. How’s the restaurant and nightlife scene?  Let’s compare notes. 

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