I know that one of the most important things to my family is if there will be acceptable Chinese Food. There’s nothing like a really good spare-rib and some LoMein or General Tso’s Chicken! I love China New Star on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, and I haven’t found similar quality food outside the area. You know that there are different types of Chinese Food and each has it’s own benefits. I personally crave the Americanized variety and shy away from the authentic kind that you find in Chinatown (except WoHop of course).
For a Chinese Restaurant to be Sunshine Johnny APPROVED, it has to have great quality ingredients, and cooked with flavor and style. Have you ever tried a place where all the food seems to taste the same? That won’t cut it here.
Give me a good plate of Chicken Fried Rice, Spare Ribs, a crispy eggroll, and some yummy wonton soup and I’m a happy camper.
I’ll be open to hearing what you think about the Chinese Food in Florida, and if you can suggest your best ones, that would be wonderful.

When you look on review sites, it’s hard to find a 5 star restaurant in this category. Even the 4 Star ones are rare.
So, we need help figuring out which places are worth the visit of a NYer. We’ll let you know right away if it’s worthy or not.

Delray Beach: Buddha Garden | Hunan Gardens | Mr. Chens Hunan Palace | Beijing Palace
Boca Raton: Lisa’s Kitchen | Lemongrass Hot Pot | Santos | Shanghai City