Is Pizza In Florida Good Enough For A NYer?

So far, Sunshine Johnny has been starting the dialogue with those who are thinking of moving to Florida and those who have already made the journey to the Sunshine State! Some of the most important questions from New Yorkers seem to be centered around the food. We know that NY has amazing food choices and our members are concerned if they will be able to get those quality dishes in Florida. Today, we will discuss PIZZA! As a New Yorker, we know what good pizza is. I remember having a sales meeting and having 3 different pizza parlors come to the office delivering 3 different types of pizza that the group wanted. We had one place that made an amazing round Neopolitan Pizza, the other made the best Square or Sicilian Pizza and the third was the place that added the best toppings on their pizza. So, you can see that even in Brooklyn, we have options to choose among the best of the best.

Some of my friends in Florida complain that they miss the NY Pizza and others will tell me that their local spot is better than Brooklyn. Hmmmmm, let’s see the real deal from real New Yorkers. Let the Pizza War begin!
Ok, we’re not looking for a winner here, but we are looking to see which places Sunshine Johnny members find to be good enough for NYers. Please don’t say Dominos or Pizza Hut or we will know right away that you are NOT from NY.

So, if you’re from Florida, please comment on places that you like and if you can, try to compare it to NY or even better a specific place if you can. Either way, I’ll come up with a list of places to find Pizza in Florida that will meet NYers standards. Please comment below.

Here are some of the ones that I have already heard of from some preliminary discussions:
If any Sunshine members have been to any of these Pizzarias, please comment. If you have one that is not on the list, please add it. THANK YOU

Orlando Area- NYPD Pizza, Park Pizza, Blaze Pizza, Flippers Pizza, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
Delray Beach – Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Pizza Rustica, Scuola Vecchia, Sazios
Tampa Area: Eddie and Sam’s NY Pizza, Grimaldi’s, Five Star Pizza, Bavaro’s
Gainesville: Satchels Pizza, Blaze Pizza, Pizza in the Neighbor Hood, Piesanos
Miami: Harry’s, Andiamo, Lucali (from Carroll Gardens BK)
Boca Raton: Tucci’s Fire and Coal, Nick’s New Haven Style, Manhattan Joes
Sarasota: Palermo, Solazano’s, Eleni’s Pizza Works
Ft. Lauderdale: Anthony’s Coal Fired, Luigi’s Coal Oven, Big Louie’s, Las Olas
West Palm Beach: Clematis, Cuccina Pizza, Galley, City Pizza
Boynton Beach: Scuola Vecchia, Dominic’s, Pizza Rox, Anthony’s Coal Fired, Danny’s

Some of the suggested places above were provide by Florida residents who are not experts in NY style pizza> I am excited to hear what NYers have to say about the above places and more. When recommended by a Sunshine member, we’ll turn the Pizzeria Name to ORANGE.