How Shifts to Working Remotely Are Changing Moving Trends in Florida and NY

It’s no secret that the world has forever changed due to the effects of Covid 19. We know that the trends of remote working and the ability of more and more people to be anywhere in the country were evolving and destined to happen, but the Covid 19 pandemic has put the movement into hyper-speed.

Now, that people realize that working from home is totally doable, we are seeing the evolution of the home workplace right before our eyes. If you are working from home, then the location of your home really is not so crucial geographically anymore. People now have more choices than ever where they choose to live.

I think that many people have had it and are fed up with certain lifestyle challenges that may or may not be as important anymore. If you’re a country person and enjoy more space, then why would you need to be in the city anymore? You will not have to put up with the commute and have to pay higher living costs just to be closer to your commute to the office. Now your commute is simply to go to a different room in your home or to sit on a comfortable chair with a laptop in your hand (like I’m doing now). Right now, I’m in 21 degree weather and it’s quite cold in NYC. My son just drove down to Florida and is staying at our home there for the next few weeks as he studies for his real estate license exam. He rubbed it in that he’s sitting in the yard by the pool with 88 degree temperatures. I must admit, I’m a little jelly!

Why can’t I be there now? I work from home most of the time. I’m finishing up my Florida real estate licensing course now as I’m finally on the last chapter. I will study for the school test, and then take the state test online at a certified testing center which are located anywhere around the country. I’ll take my test remotely here in NY.

You see, the world has already begun transitioning to a remote environment, and the value of an office space is diminishing every day. At one time the best location to work was NYC, then it was Silicon Valley, and now the best place to work is IN THE CLOUD! If you don’t believe it, watch how quickly the world has been evolving while we were sleeping through this Covid pandemic. Some of you actually think that things will go back to the same old ways as it was before. In some cases you are right; however, I see more things changing than not. People who are resistant to change will not change…yet! But as all business models evolve, so will all businesses need to adapt to the new world. The ones who adapt first are typically the ones that have the most to gain.

From a real estate point of view, these adaptions will cause somewhat of a shift in the real estate marketplace. We are already seeing a major movement in areas like NY and Florida. People are leaving the winter and high costs to work in the sunshine states where a home costs about half what it might cost here. I caution you, that these great prices down south may not be around forever. I have seen prices increase by hundreds of thousands in the last year alone. I heard of a story yesterday where someone bought a place in Boca Raton last year before the place was built, and now they are closing next week and the prices on the billboard was changed with an increase of $400,000 for the same home model. That’s insane!

Some think that this may mean that the timing is too late. I say absolutely not! I’ve seen these trends in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and so many other areas that i have studied in my 40 year career and I am forecasting that this is only the very beginning. As the world shifts to living where they want to, more people will choose Florida and other sunshine areas. I believe that as more and more of our friends are making the move and loving it, there will be more and more right behind it. I say let’s be part of the first wave and take advantage of still relatively favorable prices.

If you’re Florida curious, then let’s talk.
I’m a real estate agent/broker for over 40 years in NYC and I’ll soon hopefully be a Florida agent too. I’ve been studying the Florida marketplace and I’m getting to know it more and more each day. Sunshine Johnny has opened many doors to me in being able to reconnect with so many NYers who have already paved the way to Florida. We are going to be able to get you some great information about Florida and what’s so special about each part of Florida as well as what is missed most about NY. You can check out the reports tab on SunshineJohnny.com to find the latest prices and appreciation in the different areas. You can connect with us to get property notifications for almost any area you like (we still could use a few agent specialists in some pockets not yet covered). Soon, we will start to add the more important things about each area; like, do they have good pizza or bagels? I’m having fun with Sunshine Johnny so far, and I hope that the information is something that you find valuable and continue to follow.

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