There are certain things that NYers can’t live without, and one of them is our bagels. I have been to places outside of NY that call their bread’s shaped in a circle with a hole in it a bagel, but you know better. There’s a lot more to a bagel. In NYC, we can walk a few blocks and find a few different bagel stores. We choose our favorite bagel stores based on the best tasting bagels and the best made sandwiches.

Some transplants have assured me that this is no longer an issue in Florida as many Brooklyn/NY style bagel stores have opened up. I still think that there may be something in the water that makes our NY bagels so special.
If you’re living in Florida and are a Sunshine Johnny member, please take a moment and let us know what the real deal is. You know these non-NYers claim that the bagels are just as good, but I need to hear it from one of us!

Please share with us your favorite bagel store in Florida and we’ll add it to our list of Sunshine Favorites.
Here are a few bagel stores that were suggested from some locals:

Orlando Area- Bagel World, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Belanger Bagels, NY Bagel and Deli
Delray Beach – Brooklyn’s Water Bagel, Bagel with Deli, Brighton Beach Bagel, Bagel Twins
Tampa Area: Breugger’s Bagels, Einstein Bros. Bagels, 18 Bagels, Bagels Plus
Gainesville: Bageland, Bagel Bakery, Lukes
Miami: The Bagel Club, Coral Bagels, Zak The Baker
Boca Raton: Boca Bagel Bar,2nd Street Deli and Bagels, Brooklyn Water Bagel
Sarasota: Brooklyn Bagel and Deli, OfKers Bakery, Coffee & Bagels
Ft. Lauderdale:Bagel Snack, Einstein Bros, Brooklyn Water Bagel
West Palm Beach: Brooklyn Water Bagel, Makeb’s Bagels, Einstein Bros. Bagels
Boynton Beach: Lox N Bagel, Brooklyn Water Bagel, Strathmore Bagels

We’re counting on you Florida peeps to tell us the truth here…YOUR TRUTH! Can you get a good bagel in Florida? Let us know in the comments if you can vouch for any of the places listed here, or if your favorite is not listed, please let us know that too. And by the way, which type of bagel is your favorite? What do you like on it?
I like Everything bagels with cream cheese in the morning or with Tuna for lunch!