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Hi! I am Sunshine Johnny…

Welcome to my relocation journey

My family and I were exploring options for us to relocate at least part time for now (Snowbirds), and we found that the information and assistance out there was not really that helpful. Each person that you speak with would try to SELL you on their place as the best, but there was no real overview of all the options and there was no central source that we could go to to compare the different areas to help us to narrow down the many options.

We’ve created this site to help you to navigate the options and hopefully see if there is an area that might appeal to you for a vacation home, snowbird home or possibly a retirement home.

Some are even investing in the areas because they see the opportunity for growth as the migration trends are growing rapidly. Inventory is tight and is expected to get even tighter as the first wave are beginning to settle in and invite the next wave down.

I am going to be licensed in Florida shortly and I will be able to help my friends to identify possible areas based on their needs and dreams. I’ll also be able to use my network of professionals to help find a place, and even manage and rent out the place if investment now retire later is your option.

The best thing about my network is that most of the agents and managers are from the NY area and probably your neighborhood. I’ll be networking and hosting events in each community as time goes on.
Live Webinars will have open conversations with those NY transplants that are now living in Florida or other Sunshine States!
I’ll record these webinars and create a library for you to go to as a resource for area information from people that speak our language – Forgeddaboutit!

As we Grow I invite you to tell your friends and real estate professionals that have moved from NY area to let me know about this great opportunity to connect with the motherland!

Looking forward to making connections and changing lives of my friends! Let’s go on this journey together!

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